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Brampton Eco action plan for this half term   

  1. We are continuing to recycle plastics at lunchtime. It was decided that we are going to introduce a no waste Wednesday once a month to help further reduce the use of plastics used in school.

We will check lunchboxes from a Thursday to a Wednesday and choose 4 eco lunchboxes. The 4 with the least single use plastic will receive 5 merits for their house team and be rewarded with a certificate.

  1. The Eco group are very keen on the crisp recycling. The children collected crisp packets and recycled them to cover a box. The box will then be used to store the empty packets in. Each month these will be taken to a Terracycle collection point and then be recycled rather than go to landfill.
  2. As spring is just around the corner, we wanted to start to think about the wildlife. We talked about how we could support the birds at this important time and thought about how we could encourage more birds into our gardens.
  3. The plan was to design a bird feeder, using only recycled things that would both look nice and stand up to the weather. Children can draw their design first, and then build it. Once their bird feeders are made, they can bring them into school and hang them up around outside. We will choose 4 winners, one from each class. The 4 winners will receive an Eco-certificate.
  4. In our group meeting, we thought it would be nice to try and include all the staff and children in our school. So the idea of an Eco suggestion box where adults and children can share their ideas on how we can be a more Eco friendly school.

Road Safety Officers

Junior road safety officers- 

The Brampton Junior road safety group have been taking part in lots of fun and exciting activities this year. 

Just before Christmas, the Road safety officers ran a very successful national Road safety week consisting of lots of fun activities and competitions. At the end of the week, the JRSO's enjoyed sharing their new knowledge to the grown- ups in Friday's assembly. They also raised money for BRAKE charity by hosting a bake sale. 

In the new year, the officers came up with a fantastic safety themed poem which was printed in the Children's Sheaf local parish magazine along with other fun road safety activities. A copy of this is available on our road safety display board in the school hall. 

The JRSO's had a fantastic "Beep Beep day" planned for reception and KS1 children. The officers thought of some great activities themed around car seat safety and crossing the road sensibly. They were also going to teach some fun songs to help them remember how to stay safe as well as a car seat safety leaflet ready to give to grown ups. We hope to be able to re-create this day soon. 

The JRSO's have not led a school assembly yet, but when it is their turn they would like it to teach everyone about parking safely outside the school and staying safe when you get out of your grown ups car. We have collectively planned an exciting way to look at how cars are being parked which involves the JRSO'S and two staff members standing in front of the school in hi vis jackets monitoring how well people are parking and if everyone is being as safe as possible. Then they would like to share their findings in a whole school assembly and decide where improvements can be made.  

We had planned to have Ann come into school to teach the officers about how to cross the road safely. The JRSO's would then have the opportunity to deliver a lesson to KS1 children using fun props like the roll out zebra crossing. They were very excited about this so hopefully it can be rescheduled soon. 

The JRSO's have been busy writing articles for the first copy of the "JRSO Newsletter" which they hope to be able to send home soon. Articles include facts, tips and road safety news at school. 

The year five and six Junior road safety officers assisted with the smooth running of events when the whole school walked to the church for the termly service. They monitored the safety of the children and the roads by successfully communicating with each other using walking talkies

Fire Safety Committee

The fire safety group in the last term have been very busy indeed. They have arranged a fire drill and ensured that all staff have successfully got all children out of the building safely including ensuring that they have brough medications needed and shut windows and doors etc... At the end the group then asked Mr Jeal if he is happy that all children in the school are counted and safe. 

The group have helped year 1 and 2 with sparklers and completed a safety talk. 

They have been given their own group badges to wear with pride addressing what group they are in. 

They helped with KS1 and the fire engine visit and safety helping the little people who are scared.  

They also addressed an issue of the school gates being open and have enjoyed the responsibility of daily safety checks of closing and locking the gates and checking the cloakrooms for tidyness addressing this where necessary.

Also the group have made a newsletter to go to parents explaining who they are, why they do it and what they plan to do in the future (This will need adjustment when we return).

This term the safety group will continue to shut the gates outside the front of the school as this gives them great pride as a community to ensure their friends are safe.  They will add a more formal checklist of their daily/ weekly checks they have completed.  They will make a formal report sheet to present to Mr Jeal with any problems they notice around the school. 

The group will arrange a summer term fire drill with a twist adding realistic features.And lastly they will ensure all internal safety glass is cleared of pictures and artwork according to the Fire Officers advice

Sports Committee

Sports leaders held an assembly, they talked about the rules of the playground and the importance of putting away and looking after equipment. They also talked about the rules of some of the lunchtime games and modelled how to use some of equipment safely.

Sports leaders also designed a questionnaire which was given to every pupil. The recorded the results and acted upon therm.

For sports relief they organised a carousel of activities in the hall.

They also held a bounce and catch challenge for reception, year 1/2 and year 3/4.  They had 1 minute to bounce and catch a ball using the rebound nets. Year 5/6 challenge was to bounce a tennis ball as many times as they could with a racket in 1 minute.

Next term they had decided to find ways to promote the outside gym equipment. They felt that the gym equipment was not being used to its full potential and that sometimes it was not being used correctly.

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