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Year 3 and 4

Welcome to the year 3 and 4 class. We are the lower part of Key Stage 2.

Children in our class are aged 7-9 years old

We have two main class teachers: Mrs Roslyn (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Hall (Thursday and Friday). As well as our main class teachers we have specialist teachers who deliver some of our learning: Mrs Wharham teaches PE and Mrs Mackintosh teaches Art. 

We are supported in class 5 days a week by our teaching assistant; Miss Wright.

Within year 3 and 4 we learn English and mathematics most mornings. Our English sessions include time spent on reading, writing, speaking and listening and spelling. Our maths sessions follow a mastery curriculum working through addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measure, geometry and times tables. Our mathematics curriculum teaches a mixture of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In our afternoon sessions we learn a further range  of subjects; topic (including history or geography), science, music, French, PE, art, RE, PSHE and we take part in gardening sessions as part of a whole school timetable.  Each term we are invited to attend at least one after school sports club and have the option of learning guitar and piano in school with a specialst music teachers.

You can find out more about our topics and areas of learning  by exploring the curriculum overviews and long term plans. There is also more detail about areas of learning in our half termly newsletters. 


Here is how our classroom looks this September - Year 3/4 https://read.bookcreator.com/emzyL4PeiTarexY4x1TEa2TjoXB3/Km3w41W7S1SotgkER3T5oQ

Year 3 and 4 newsletters

Mrs Allen's Book Bingo Challenge

Mrs Allen has set a challenge for all children in the school. Here is a list of classic recommended books to read. There is a copy of each book in the classroom. We recommend YELLOW for year 3 and BLUE for year 4. If you child is a reluctant reader you might like to look at the GREEN list - these books are full of fun and are designed to get children back into reading. 

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