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Stone Age afternoon.

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On the final Tuesday before half term, we had a fabulous afternoon of Stone Age activities in Cherry Class. We particiated in a carousel of four activities: flint knapping, Stone Age jewellery making, cave painting and cooking outside on a fire. 

The children used salt dough to make objects such as animal teeth, animal bones, shells and stones as it were these objects that Stone Age people made their jewellery from. These objects were then threaded onto plant stems or thin strips of animal hide to produce pendants, necklaces and hair pins.

‘It would have been tiring being a person in The Stone Age because they had to make all their own tools and jewellery.’

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Bars of soap were used to imitate flint stones. These were carved into shape ready to be an axe or spear head. The children enjoyed knapping away to make parts of their own weaponry ready for hunting and gathering.

‘Making the tools was really hard – flint knapping was really difficult.’

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We looked at cave paintings; Cherry class produced a wonderful class piece - great team work!

‘I enjoyed learning how the Stone Age people did painting.’

Apples were peeled and prepared for cooking on the fire. We talked about what hard work it would have been to gather wheat grass and grind it to release the flour, milk our livestock and spend time shaking the milk to produce butter and collect honey, all before cooking the ingredients just to make one meal. Everybody took a turn to stir the pot and at the end of the day we assembled together to eat our delicious Stone Age take on apple crumble which was enjoyed by all, many returning for second helpings.

Fantastic work Cherry Class! A great time was had by all.

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