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Sports, Health and Wellbeing

PE Overview

PE- We are physically active and are developing a sense of teamwork and well-being by

  • Having a secure understanding that physical activity has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.
  • Developing into a good sportsperson showing values such as respect, teamwork, resilence, determination and enthusiasm.
  • Setting and achieving personal goals; rising to the idea of personal challenge.

This Years Sporting Achievements.

At the start of September we recieved our throphy for coming 10th in the north Suffolk virtual championships which were held during the first lockdown. 20 schools had the opportunity to take part in the 8 sporting challenges. As a result of taken part in Active Suffolk's virtual school games festival we were rewarded with a coaching session by Ipswich Town Community Trust which Willow Class enjoyed in September.

This academic year has been a busy one, the children have taken part it lots of sporting competitions- Cross country, Tag rugby and multi-skills which we came second in. Sportshall athletics Cherry and Ash class took part in. Mr Hoey came into school and held a year 3 Matball festival and a year 4 Uni-hoc festival. we have since found out that were the winners! of the Uni-hoc with our assoication schools coming second and third, with only 3 points betweens first and third and a total of 9 schools participating. 

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