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Year 5 and 6 - Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class! We are a mixed year 5 and 6 class (9 – 11 years old). Mr Chipperfield is the class teacher and Mrs Foster is our teaching assistant and she works in our classroom everyday. We also work with several other teachers during the week: Mrs Mackintosh teaches us art;  Mrs Wharam helps with our PE lessons and runs sports clubs at lunchtimes too. On Wednesday afternoons we take part in Orchestra with Mrs Newton our music teacher, Mrs Newton also teaches violin and recorder lessons. We have other visiting music teachers too, so there are lots of opportunities to learn to play different instruments such as the guitar, clarinet and flute.

Throughout the year we have different high school teachers visit our class so that they can get to know us before we leave primary school at the end of year 6. During these visits we get to take part in maths challenges and some really exciting science practicals, which are great fun. We also regularly get invited to Bungay High School to take part in various experiences and competitions from Battle of the Books to The Science Challenge, all of which are great opportunities. Many sporting events take place throughout the year too, some of which are at local high schools but many at other primary schools. These are great chances to get to know other children in your year group who may be going to the same high school as you. We have lots of fun and many opportunities to take part in extra curricular activities and clubs, both at lunchtime and after school. This year we entered a competition at Ipswich Crown Court. 


Making the most of this terms beautiful weather!


Practicing our tag rugby skills, ready for a competition later this term.


Honing our hockey skills using real hockey sticks!


We have even taken our lessons outside. In this session we were looking at the changes in a river as it flows from the source to the sea.

Class Newsletters

Mrs Allen's Reading challenge - BOOK BINGO

Mrs Allen has set a challenge for all children in the school. Here is a list of classic recommended books to read. There is a copy of each book in the classroom. We recommend INDIGO for year 5 and VIOLET for year 6. If you child is a reluctant reader you might like to look at the GREEN list - these books are full of fun and are designed to get children back into reading. 

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