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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Ash Class! We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class. Mr Jeal is the class teacher and Mrs Churchyard is the teaching assistant who works in the classroom for four days a week. We also have other people in to teach some of our lessons. Mrs Mackintosh, our Art specialist, teaches us Art and helps us to produce some wonderful pieces of work to display around the school. Our PE coach, Mrs Wharam, teaches some of our PE lessons throughout the year and we learn a huge amount from her. We have visiting music teachers with opportunities to learn the guitar with Mr Murphy and the piano with Alex.

The Year 6 children work towards their SATs in May and are supported in this throughout the year with things such as before and after school clubs, targeted revision work to do both in school and at home and general help and support to reduce any anxiety by learning good strategies and techniques to cope with the tests and be able to do their very best.  
Throughout the year, we work closely with the High Schools so that they can get to know the children who will be joining them when they leave at the end of Year 6. We take part in different activities at Sir John Leman High school which focus on many different areas of the curriculum including Maths challenges, exciting science practicals, languages afternoons and interesting computing tasks.

We have many sporting events that take place throughout the year. After school clubs are run by our PE coach every week and the focus changes every half term so there will be something for everyone! 

As a Year 5/6, the children have opportunities to take part in a variety of events throughout the year: Bikeability is for Year 6 children to learn how to ride their bike safely on the road with level 1 and level 2 worked towards, a residential trip to Aylmerton and a watersports trip allow the children to develop so many skills while having fun with their friends and Crucial Crew teaches the Year 6 about staying safe and we enjoy going every year.

Being the oldest children in the school, Year 5/6 can also take on more responsibility. They can become Junior Road Safety Officers and Play Leaders to help both the school and the wider community in different ways.  At Christmas, the children design, make and run games at the Christmas Fair to help raise money, often raising over £100 which is an incredible effort.   

Y56 HW Preview-400(3)

Mrs Allen has set a challenge for all children in the school. Here is a list of classic recommended books to read. There is a copy of each book in the classroom. We recommend INDIGO for year 5 and VIOLET for year 6. If you child is a reluctant reader you might like to look at the GREEN list - these books are full of fun and are designed to get children back into reading. 

These are our class books that Mr Jeal reads at the end of the day.



 All the year 6 children passed level 2.  The instructed commented on how well the children listened and behaved.  Well done year 6.


"I fun it really useful learning to ride my bike on the road.  Now I feel more confident,"

Rivers- Source to mouth

The children been organising images of a river and labelling each section.   We also looked at physcal features and human features.


"We worked as a team to organise order the different parts of the river.  I liked learning about the meander, the windy part of the river,"  

Outdoor Maths

Today we created number patterns on the playground.  We had to create our own patterns and then find the rules for the patterns.  


"Outdoor Maths lessons are fun, today we got to practice subtraction using chalk,"

Paired Reading- The Reading Hour

We have been reading 'William Shakespeare- Scenes from the life of the world's greatest writer'. We then disussed his 'Circle of Life'.  We are curus to find out more.  



We have been playing the xylophone with Mrs Blowers.  This is only our second lesson!  Everyone was engaged and concertrating.  Well done

Tag Rugby

We are very excited to be training for a tag rugby tournament that will be taking place later this month.   Our PE value (determination) was certaintly evident in todays lesson. 


We enjoyed our trip to Lopham Fen.  We completed geographical field research and learnt about the source of the River Waveney. 

River Trip Lopham Fen

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